About the Cultured Cave Girl

Hey friends, welcome to my blog!   I’m Amy, a committed paleo … 95% of the time.  I also love, Love, LOVE to travel and explore!

The paleo diet is incredibly important to me.  It feeds my body, keeping me healthy.  The travel, it feeds my soul.  It makes me grateful to be part of this wondrous spinning world we all share.

Venturing out can be tough though, when you need to keep to a paleo diet.  I could pack and cart my own food everywhere I go, but really, how boring!  Part of the joy of travel is eating out – exploring restaurants; relaxing in the company of other diners; seeing, smelling, savoring new cuisine.  So, I pick my destination – museum, botanic garden, bike trail, arts festival, mysterious solstice stones on top of some far-flung hill – then research like crazy the local breakfast and lunch spots.  I scour the details of their menus and snoop through their Yelp pics.  I almost always can find a café or restaurant with menu items that jibe with paleo, or at the very least offers gluten-free options.  I consider the GF fits into my 5% “I’m not perfect category”, and won’t totally derail me.  The truly exciting thing is there are actually paleo restaurants out there … and I plan to let you know where they are.

My hope is that my road trips of culture, adventure and paleo divineness inspire you to venture out from your cave.  So, let’s go … I’m hungry!